Pharrell Williams says everyone is ‘dishonest,’ urges all women to vote for Hillary (VIDEO)


In a recent interview, singer Pharrell Williams pleaded with American women to vote for Hillary Clinton, noting that if all women casted that particular vote, Clinton would, hands down, have this presidential election and there would be “nothing to worry about.”

Williams said he’s angered that some people believe a woman can’t lead the country and indicated that every woman should vote for Clinton, whether they agree with her policies or not.

“Has she been dishonest about things? Sure,” he said of Clinton, before turning to the audience with, “Have you?”

Williams went on to say that Clinton doesn’t lie any more than any other politician and, despite her dishonesty, she has the ability to “save the nation.”

Williams also talked about the respect that women – who are often dismissed and discounted – deserve. He also dismissed his own degrading song lyrics, noting that they were written in fun and “in the spirit of dancing.”

[ Variety ]

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