The Nuge grabs junk during Trump stump speech (VIDEO)

Encouraging turning Michigan from blue to red, Ted Nugent told the “the hardest working shitkickers man has ever known“ to vote for Donald Trump.

“There’s not many things that would get me out of a deer camp in Michigan in November. God, family, country, Michigan, and Donald Trump for president,” the Motor City Madman said after strumming the national anthem on his guitar.

Nugent, a board member of the National Rifle Association and outspoken conservative activist, addressed the crowd at a Trump campaign rally in Sterling Heights, Michigan, on Sunday. He quickly brought up gun rights, saying the Second Amendment was meant for the people.

“‘Keep’ means it’s mine you can’t have it. ‘Bear’ means I got a couple on me right now and they’re loaded,” he said, explaining to liberal Michiganders an interpretation of the Second Amendment.

He warned if the “real Michigan” did not take back their state, it could go the way of California, Illinois, New York, New Jersey, Maryland or Massachusetts. “I got your blue state right here, baby,” he said as he grabbed his balls. “Black and blue.”

Keeping on a testicle theme, he added: “Each and every one of you have 24 hours to convince the numb nuts that you know that you can’t vote for criminals. You can’t vote for liars. You can’t vote for scam artists. You can’t vote for people who would take from the producers and give it to the bloodsuckers anymore.”

National and local polls currently give Michigan to Clinton. According to FiveThirtyEight, a data-based news project, Trump only has a 22.4 percent chance of winning the Great Lake State, which is valued at 16 electoral votes.

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