Montana cafe serves up patriotism, American history

Uncle Sam’s Eatery in Columbus, Montana, has a menu chock full of items paying homage to past presidents and other historical figures and decor throughout to match.

Cafe owner Carol Cushen said they originally just wanted to go with a red, white and blue theme, but it just evolved into something else. And now, nearly 20 years later, the cafe is still going strong. Cushen said her customers mean a lot to her and most of them she knows by name.

The decor includes an American flag flown over Afghanistan, presidential trivia covering the walls and a 50-can 7UP setup.

“One can for each state, so you had to collect them all to get Uncle Sam’s face,” Cushen explained.

Patrons choose sandwiches with names like the Coolidge, the Herbert Hoover, FDR, and JFK.

“The Jimmy Carter, that’s a PB&J,” said Cushen.

Cushen said she hasn’t decided on whether a Clinton or Trump will be added to the menu and, if so, what kind of sandwich it will be.

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