Doh: Just throwing some 'mazel tov cocktails' here (VIDEO)

Speaking on CNN in response to Jay-Z and Beyonce’s concert to support Hillary, Scottie Nell Hughes confused the Jewish phrase expressing congratulations with the Finn’s favorite weapon of the Winter War.

Political commentator Hughes explained the Trump camp was shocked at the use of some lyrics during the concert and side barred to an reference in a Jay Z/Kayne West video (“No Church in the Wild“) that opens with a scene showing a black man throwing a Molotov cocktail at a police barricade.

Molotov cocktail: a simple bomb made from a bottle filled with gasoline and stuffed with a piece of cloth that is lit just before the bottle is thrown (via Websters)

However, Hughes said “mazel tov cocktails” which got a correction from Don Lemon.

The Molotov, of course, was invented by outnumbered and outgunned Finnish Army troopers in the 1939-40 Winter War against a Soviet Union really keen on adding some strips of Finland back to Mother Russia. Named after Vyachislav Molotov, Stalin’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, the cocktail was a hit with the Finns and, as noted by the website Fire and Ice, chronicling the war, not so much with Soviet tankers.

It has remained a common battlefield implement around the world since then. They are legal to own here in the U.S. (so long as you are NFA compliant) and are even up for sale, though as a Title II destructive device, they need forms, paperwork, background checks and a local Type 9/10/11 FFL dealer who can and will transfer. Of course, just as the Stalin’s tank crews frowned on their use, so does the BATFE in some circumstances.

Mazel tov!

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