Elementary school cancels mock election after things get too heated (VIDEO)

Students at one Long Island elementary school recently got a taste of what a presidential election can be like: The good, the bad and the ugly. In fact, the mock election at Jericho Elementary School apparently became so intense that school officials decided it best not to let the show go on.

“Some people were getting angry because some people like Trump and some people like Clinton,” said Miranda Waters, a fifth grade student at Jericho. “Some people think Clinton’s not good. Some think Trump’s not good. So there’s a lot of arguments going on, and I don’t like that.”

But principal Glenn Rogers said it went beyond arguments.

“Children in the cafeteria would bring up things about minorities and the voting and the candidates,” principal Glen Rogers said. “And there were some negative things said.”

The school didn’t do away with the voting experience altogether though. Instead of choosing Clinton or Trump, youngsters had the chance to vote on their favorite school lunch instead.

“We wanted to think of something where students could have the experience of voting in preparation for Election Day,” Rogers said. “So at least they would be excited about voting for something.”

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