NRA: Election can be hacked from China, or a basement (VIDEO)

As voters made their way to the polls Tuesday, the National Rifle Association released a special report on how easily hackers could penetrate the U.S. voting system.

NRA News’ Chuck Holton, as part of the gun rights group’s Frontline series, went deep into the basement of a 26-year-old gray hat hacker who uses the handle “WhiskeyNeon” and has hung-out with some more notorious fellow hackers in recent years, to get the inside scoop.

WhiskeyNeon, who may or may not be this guy, plays the part to the hilt and spitballs about the loopholes (see what we did there) in the systems and databases used for voting worldwide.

“There’s cases of manipulation around the globe– in Latin America, the President of Mexico, his election was completely rigged by hackers,” says a voice modulated Neon from behind a cloud of pixels.

When asked by Holton if it the same thing could happen in the U.S.?

“Oh definitely,” he says, before taking the host through a tour of voter data as used by phone banks and the vulnerability possible with on-line voting, polling data, and more. This can come from either domestic or foreign states.

According to a recent poll, 40 percent of Millennials fear the election is vulnerable to fraudulent fixing and more young people worry about voter suppression than outright voter fraud.

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