In Switzerland, they put a lot of trust in their long range marksmanship

While one shooting range on a Swiss hillside may appear extremely unsafe due to the fact shooters fire over a busy road, it only appears that way.

The Alpine country, which has been more or less neutral since splitting from the Holy Roman Empire in 1499, has maintained a tradition of national service in their military while keeping some of the loosest gun laws in Europe if not the world.

With over 3,000 shooting ranges, a vibrant gun culture that embraces marksmanship while firing some 75 million rounds per year in practice by a population of 8 million persons, and a firearms manufacturing tradition that created SIG and Oerlikon Contraves, it is safe to say Switzerland is comfortable with guns. In fact, it is estimated there are some 600,000 firearms capable of full-auto fire in civilian hands in the nation.

In the above video by Bloke on the Range, they visit the Brünnlisau range, which is here, and they explain why it is 100% safe, and “vorschriftsgemäss,” as the Swiss would say.

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