Thousands protest outside Trump Tower in Chicago


Thousands of people marched through Chicago’s streets Wednesday evening to protest Donald Trump’s election victory. (Photo: Sam Charles/Sun-Times)

Thousands of people protested Donald Trump’s victory Wednesday night by clogging the streets near his namesake tower in Chicago.

The protests come after a contentious campaign that had many worried about post-election unrest. The daylong demonstrations were largely peaceful, but crowds did shut down portions of Lake Shore Drive for about a half hour, others climbed on top of a CTA bus and helicopter footage showed at least one man lighting what appeared to be a flag on fire.

Hundreds of people blocked the entrance to Trump Tower, according to the Chicago Tribune. “No Trump, No KKK, No Fascists USA,” was a popular chant.

“We don’t want a president who hates,” said Chicago resident Gloria Ortega. “We don’t want a racist, sexist, xenophobe.”

“We’re here preaching love even though we hate this man,” a protester at the rally told DNA Info Chicago.

Anthony Moreira is a Trump supporter. He stood in front of Trump Tower, waved an American flag and yelled at the anti-Trump crowd. “You’re weak,” he yelled. “That’s why you lost.”

“Trump isn’t a bigot,” Moreira told the Tribune. “If you look behind the back doors you’ll see blacks, Hispanics, Muslims and all kinds of people working for him.”

People protested Trump’s victory in New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Boston, D.C., and several other cities.

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