Harambe, Sweet Meteor of Death popular write-ins on Election Day

It appears some Americans, when faced with adversity, still have a sense of humor, as noted in some popular write-ins on Election Day.

While stories circulated this week that Harambe, the gorilla who was shot and killed earlier this year after a little boy climbed into his cage at the Cincinnati Zoo, received anywhere from 11,000 to 17,000 votes for the U.S. presidency, internet users later learned these rumors were unfounded, with no such evidence to back up the claim.

So, while it isn’t known exactly how many votes a dead gorilla gained over all of the other candidates, as evidenced by social media posts, the silverback at least grabbed a few.

Other popular write-ins included Sweet Meteor of Death, a.k.a. SMOD, whose catchphrase is, “Just end it already,” which some voters would say was more than appropriate for this presidential election.

But SMOD wasn’t without a campaign opponent. Apparently Cthulhu, also a Lovecraft character, received a number of votes as well.

[ The Telegraph ]

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