Musilm student fabricated story about being attacked by Trump supporters

A University of Louisiana Lafayette student who claimed she was attacked by Donald Trump supporters who sole her wallet and hijab now says she was just foolin.

The tall tale emerged after the unidentified 18-year old claimed Wednesday to have been beaten, robbed and had her religious head cover ripped from her by two men, one wearing a white “Trump” hat. The story gained national attention with the Washington Post (who have since updated their piece) and others covering the incident.

Then on Thursday, the Lafayette Police Department cleared the air by disclosing the whole thing was a hoax.

“She made up the entire story about being attacked, about her hijab being taken. There was no truth to any of it,” Lafayette Police Department spokesman Cpl. Karol Ratcliff told ABC.

“She caused all this stir over nothing. I don’t know what her motivation was,” Ratcliff said.

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