"The War on Guns" offers a Lott of information to counter anti-gunners

Dr. John Lott, Jr. of Crime Prevention Research Institute recently released a new book that’s touted to be the definitive guide to countering all the current arguments for gun control.

The War on Guns: arming yourself against gun control lies is Lott’s new release. An economist by trade, Lott knows numbers. He delivers them here, using comparative data to lend perspective on the usual arguments by anti-gunners.

Included in the smorgasbord of facts is a comparison of average time spent looting a residence by burglars in the UK versus the US.  Lott claims British burglars are much more relaxed about their business, spending around 20 minutes on average inside a home.  This is confirmed by an unaffiliated source, a recent investigative news exercise that interviewed 86 convicted American burglars. Ten minutes is considered the top end of time allowed for a burglary in the States.  The difference, Lott says, is that British burglars know their victims are unarmed, and are therefore less fearful.

Also addressed is the left’s rabid push for gun storage legislation, driven by reports of unintended deaths caused by unsupervised children handling firearms. While no one wants these events to happen at all, Lott compares documented use of guns in home defense, which happen on a daily basis, to child injuries and deaths, which occur but at a rate much less than most people—even gun supporters–guess.  His figures don’t include the countless encounters that go undocumented because the threat of a gun caused a premature end to the crime.

In a podcast with Breitbart News, Lott states that changes in information privacy laws have prevented him from exploring the backstories of recent gun deaths involving children at home. In earlier years, he says, most of these incidents occurred in homes where the adult in possession of the gun couldn’t legally have it in the first place.

Expecting convicted-felon parents to lock up their illegal guns and ammunition is patently unrealistic. Mandatory storage legislation will actually ramp up deaths, Lott says, as innocent homeowners are prevented from being able to access a gun for home and personal defense in time. It’s almost as if the left wishes gun owners would just die off, with the help of violent criminals.

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