George Zimmerman kicked out of FL bar (VIDEO)

An incident at a Sanford, Florida, bar last week led Gorge Zimmerman to get kicked out with the manager saying he is no longer welcome in the establishment.

Zimmerman was with a group of friends Wednesday night at the Corona Cigar Company when a black male walked up to Zimmerman and said, “Zimmerman, what are you doing here?” Witnesses said the man approached Zimmerman in a friendly manner and extended his hand out, as if to greet him, but he was not met with kindness.

Initially, Zimmerman ignored the man, and when he tapped him on the arm, Zimmerman told the man not to touch him. The man then reacted by saying, “I will do whatever I want.”

The incident apparently escalated and when officers arrived at the business, they found Zimmerman “belligerent” and yelling at an employee. Zimmerman was told to leave and not to come back, but on his way out he took one last jab and told the manager, “I didn’t know you were a (racial expletive) lover.”

The manager and witnesses said Zimmerman and his friends – although they attempted to calm him down – had been using racial slurs throughout the night, something the manager said would not be tolerated.

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