1,000 Henry Golden Boy Silvers fired all at once-- but refused world record (VIDEO)

In celebration of the Second Amendment, a legion of 1,000 shooters stood shoulder to shoulder, picked up American-made Henry rifles and fired twice, but were shut out by Guinness.

The appropriately named “1000 Man Shoot” event, which took place at the Ben Avery Shooting Range in Phoenix Arizona on Monday, was set up by the National Rifle Association with the support of Winchester and Henry Repeating Arms– who showed up with the guns– in a tribute to the right to keep and bear arms.

Hank Strange has a video of the event, which drew 3,000 spectators in addition to the shooters from at least 16 states, above.

However, as reported by USA Today, when the NRA reached out to the Guinness people to put the historic event in their storied record book, they were rebuffed with NRA spokesman Jason Brown saying the record keepers told him they had no such record and would create no such category.

But in the shoot did raise $1 million for the NRA.

The Henry 1,000 Man Shoot is in the books! The sound of 1,000 Golden Boy Silvers rang out through Ben Avery Shooting…

Posted by Henry Repeating Arms on Monday, November 14, 2016

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