New Jersey AG: Stun gun ban violates Second Amendment


New Jersey is the latest state where officials have backed off on stun gun bans. (Photo:

New Jersey’s attorney general has backed off of the state’s stun gun ban, conceding that it’s in violation of the Second Amendment.

Attorney General Christopher S. Porrino made the concession last week. It comes on the heels of several other states backing off of stun gun bans. Washington, D.C. is likely planning to repeal their ban. Elsewhere, Wisconsin, Michigan, and areas in Kansas and Maryland are all backing off stun gun bans, repealing the bans or admitting they’re unconstitutional.

In the spring, the Supreme Court rejected arguments from Massachusetts that held stun guns weren’t protected under the Second Amendment.

Stun guns are banned in Hawaii, Massachusetts, New York, Rhode Island and parts of Maryland. Citywide bans are also effect in Baltimore, New Orleans, and Philadelphia.

In August, a New Jersey man took state officials to federal court over the Garden State’s stun gun ban.

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