3 months after flood, Bronze Star vet still living in tent (VIDEO)

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A 73-year-old decorated Vietnam veteran is sleeping on the ground in a tent three months after a flood in French Settlement, Louisiana, and he’s frustrated over the lack of help from the government.

David King was living comfortably in a camper trailer but an August flood left his home filled with water and what remained was an unlivable mess of mold and mildew. So now, King sleeps in a tent and when he needs a bathroom he either uses a port-a-potty across the street or steps into his mildew-laden trailer.

“That’s my condo,” King said of his tent. “That’s a condo in French Settlement, Louisiana.”

King, who lost his wife on New Year’s Eve and his son 24 days later, received the tent from the Cajun Navy after the flood, which destroyed all of his belongings. FEMA also gave King $1,700 to get back on his feet and said whatever money was left could be used to purchase a new trailer. King, however, said it’s not enough and filed an appeal. In fact, King is on his second appeal with FEMA.

King is set to a receive a Military Family Assistance Fund check from the Department of Veteran’s Affairs for $350 later this month, but friends are trying to help him raise enough money for a new trailer.

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