Russian teens live-stream shootout with police (VIDEO)

Two teens in Russian engaged in a standoff with police at a home in Krasniye Strugi before turning the guns on themselves in an act of suicide.

The girl, Katya, had become engaged in an argument with her mother over a sleepover that she had attended without permission, but during the conflict, Katya’s boyfriend, Denis Muravyov, shot the girl’s mother in the leg.

The 15-year-old teens barricaded themselves in the home for three days and as police surrounded the home they were met with gunfire. During the standoff, the teens live-streamed themselves through a video app known as Periscope and chatted with friends through text messages.

In the video, the teens appear to be having a jolly time – drinking, smoking, and playing with guns, but the couple, who had only been dating about six months, noted that they thought they had “zero options.”

“If we don’t surrender, we die. But if we surrender, we will never see each other again,” Denis pointed out in a social media post.

When authorities finally stormed the house, both Katya and Denis were found dead. In a statement, the National Guard said there were “clear signs of suicide” and were adamant that they did not fire on the teens.

[ Daily Mail ]

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