Shooting suppressed handguns in your living room (VIDEO)

ICYMI, a while back the NFA Review Channel went for a little quiet time testing a few pistols inside your typical suburban home to see how they sound– and learned a few things.

Most people only try out their cans (and their firearms for that matter) on the range, but the NFA-RC folks decided to test out to see what the effects a suppressor would have in a possible indoor home defense scenario.

They test a series of set ups (Walther P22/SilencerCo Sparrow, Beretta M92FS/AAC TiRant 9, HK USP/SilencerCo Osprey .45) using subsonic loads and shot dry with no water, firing from the living room out an open bedroom window into a cleared area.

A couple of neat things: you hear shell casings hitting and bouncing around much more than you would think, and the smoke detector goes off after about 20 rounds and keeps going off…

All things you now know to expect.

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