Deceased veteran’s military medals stolen

The daughter of a veteran who spent 26 years in the Air Force is pleading with the person who stole her deceased father’s military medals from her Cypress, Texas, home to just simply return them.

“Why would anyone take a deceased vet’s medals?” questioned Julie Edwards.

Edwards’ late father, Maj. Ken Rasmussen, acquired quite a collection of medals during his time in the military, but now, nearly two dozen of those medals are missing.

Edwards was in the process of selling her home when the medals came up missing, and she believes someone who came to view her house likely saw the medals in their cases and took them, believing they were worth a lot of money. She said the medals have no monetary value, but the sentimental value she and her family have on them cannot be replaced.

Edwards just wants the medals returned. She said the person who returns them can do so anonymously with no questions asked.

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