A Webley with a point: The Pritchard revolver bayonet (VIDEO)

Giving your Webley Mk VI wheelgun a bonus edged weapon seemed like a good idea when it came to trench warfare in the Great War. Seemed that way…

When the fluid first month of World War I stalemated into four years of trench warfare, combat changed. It became the war of the raiding party and rapid frontal charges, which meant soldiers would have to engage their opponents at bad breath range. Regular soldiers armed themselves with ax handles, clubs, and entrenching tools, but officers wanted something with more finesse.

One such English gentleman, Lt. Arthur Pritchard of the Royal Berkshire Regiment, took his sharp idea to mount abbreviated sword blades on the standard revolver ultimately to the Greener Company who produced them for  private purchase. In a shortcut, Greener crafted the Pritchard bayonet from surplus French Gras Model 1874 pigstickers and modified them to fit under the barrel of his Webley MkVI revolver.

And the one Ian with Forgotten Weapons has in the above video is a nice legitimate model rather than a long series of repros that are out there.

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