1,000 protesters show up at college after removal of American flag (VIDEO)

Following the presidential election, Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts, made the decision to remove the American flag from their campus. But it was a decision that was met with opposition by some 1,000 protesters over the weekend.

A great number of protesters are veterans, and they, along with their friends and family, had a simple message for the school: Freedom isn’t free.

“They took down my flag, they have a right to that, I’m here to defend their right to do that,” said veteran Jerry Maguire, “but I want them to understand how bad that hurts me.”

Likewise, David Soucy, who was injured while serving 18 months in Iraq, said, “I came home and there’s no way I’ll let anyone take down the flag, no way. It means a lot to me and my brothers.”

Protesters came from all over New England, including Domenic Sarno, the mayor of Springfield, which is located about 25 miles from the college. Sarno spoke out against the school’s decision to remove the flag and noted the sacrifices made by our veterans. He said that had such an event taken place in some other countries around the world, “it would have been handled very, very differently.”

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