U.S. Army looking for bullet pullers

An RCBS kinetic bullet puller device.

An RCBS kinetic bullet puller device.

The U.S. Army is looking for a new bullet puller, a device that pulls the projectile from a casing, according to the solicitation notice issued Nov. 23.

The Army has asked for bullet pullers capable of pulling apart 7.62mm rounds without damaging the projectiles, has a hopper that holds 2,000-3,000, and operates at a speed of 10 to 60 ppm, the announcement says.

Describing the basic functionality of the device, the Army says: “The Bullet Puller shall be able to disassemble the bullet and place it in a container while the propellant inside the casing is emptied. The emptied casing shall then be placed in its respective container. The method of removing the propellant from the casing may be selected by the contractor.”

Along with the solicitation, the Army provided a vendor questionnaire asking for a slew of information from company name to business size to production rate.

Price and quantity were not listed in the solicitation. Deadline for vendors is Dec. 8.

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