Go ahead, guess how many weapons she has on her (VIDEOS)

Practical Every Day Carry

GUNS! I bet you didn't see THIS coming… If the Dene Adams Concealed Carry Holsters can conceal multiple weapons this well, IMAGINE how comfortable and practical our holsters are for your E.D.C.!! www.deneadams.com because purses are for lipstick.. . .Anna Taylor: Professional Firearms Trainer Sig Sauer: p320 & p238GLOCK: Model 43CobraTec Knives: Tiffany blue knifeDene Adams Official: Concealed Carry Corset Natural & Body Shaping Thigh Holster shorts

Posted by Dene Adams Official on Monday, November 28, 2016

Anna Taylor, a professional firearms instructor, is rocking at least three semi-auto handguns and a OTF knife, but the only thing she has in her purse is lipstick.

In the above video for Dene Adams, a maker of a line of concealed carry corsets, shorts and other gear, Anna has a SIG P320, a smaller P238, a Glock 43 and a CobraTec OTF for when you get into those sticky situations.

If you are curious as to how fast you can draw a single gun when you need to, the below video has Anna drawing from Dene Adams holster shorts.

Concealed Carry is about Versatility

My draw needs to be under 2 seconds you say? BOOM!! It's actually not about fashion at all. It's about versatility and the reality that your holster MUST work with your lifestyle and wardrobe! www.deneadams.com. . .Anna Taylor: Professional Firearms TrainerSig Sauer P238 & SigSauer AcademyDene Adams Official: Holster Shorts

Posted by Dene Adams Official on Sunday, November 27, 2016

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