NRA member survey full of 'malarkey', columnist says

A Roanaoke Times columnist shed light on a survey by the National Rifle Association he received in the mail that asked pointed questions about viewpoints of current and potential NRA members — a gesture he referred to as “malarkey.”

In his column, Dan Casey poked fun at the open ended questions aimed at gauging members’ concern with how political leaders treat the Second Amendment and views on gun policy.

“Gun bans, ammo bans, gun registration, legislation, court cases, the U.N. global gun ban treaty, the freedom-hating media elite … the attacks will be hitting everywhere, every day,” Casey says, describing the survey.

“It’s enough to make one wonder: What are these cats smoking? It sounds like they believe Hillary Clinton won the White House and Democrats captured both chambers of Congress,” he says.

The survey also came with a letter from NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre, a Roanoke native, as well as an offer for a pocketknife if you join up.

“Why would any self-respecting gun-rights group give away a puny pocketknife for joining? That’s like the American Automobile Association giving away bicycles to new members. It’s weird,” Casey says.

A search of the NRA’s website has a link to the “NRA Confidential Member Survey” but only members can access to it. The organization describes its purpose as enabling the NRA “to provide you with important information that interests you most.”

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