This country lady loves her guns (VIDEO)

Cathy Blackburn lives in Columbia, Tennessee. She loves living in the country. One of her favorites things to do is to sit under a tree on a hot summer day, cut open a watermelon and sip an ice tea or cold beer.

Cathy also loves her guns. When she was raising her son and daughter, she kept a shotgun under her bed to protect her family.

“Daddy called it a goose-gun. It stayed under my bed if I ever needed it. I didn’t, thank goodness, but I had it if I had to have it. Still got that old gun too.” Cathy recounts with a smile.

“I think every women needs to get her gun permit. I think it’s very important. I stress that to my few friends, go get your gun permit. Protect yourself. What are you doing to do if something happens and your’e there by yourself. I couldn’t imagine being in my house alone, and not having a gun. Mine stays under my pillow.”

Cathy recounts two stories when she was happy to have her gun. She didn’t need to use it but she felt safer having it nearby just in case.

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