Deputy accidentally shoots finger while wrestling with pit bull (VIDEO)

A Pasco County Sheriff’s deputy accidentally shot her finger over the weekend while wrestling with a pit bull in Hudson, Florida.

Police received a call after the dog reportedly attacked a homeless man, but as deputies arrived on the scene and attempted to talk with the dog’s owner, the dog broke free from his leash and lunged at the female deputy. As the deputy tried to back away from the animal, it bit at her pants leg and caused her to trip and fall down. During this time, the deputy fired her gun and grazed her finger.

A neighbor who witnessed the attack corroborated the deputy’s account of the incident, which was also captured on her body cam footage.

The deputy and the homeless man were both taken to the hospital for medical treatment and released. The dog was not injured.

It’s unclear if his owner will face any charges.

The Pasco County Sheriff’s Office confirmed that the deputy is “familiar” with pit bulls and, in fact, owns three herself.

[ Fox 13 ]

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