NYPD puts 'adorable' fleet on Smart Cars on the beat (VIDEO)

For years a fleet of New York Police Department three-wheeled scooters have patrolled the tight trails around Central Park and narrow streets of downtown areas, but they are on the way out. Their replacement: two-seat Smart Fortwos which are cheaper, have A/C, and, according to the department, are a great way to strike up a conversation with the public while on patrol.

“It’s just so approachable,” said Robert S. Martinez, the deputy commissioner for support services, who oversees the department’s vehicles. “People want to take pictures with it. People want to hug it, they want to kiss it. It’s just amazing.”

The above video shows one of the new 89-hp Fortwos in the hands of the NYPD’s 84th Precinct in Brooklyn.

Guess the badguy has to fit in the hatchback…

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