Authorities searching for armed robber who posed as UPS worker (VIDEO)

Following a brutal home invasion in Houston last month, four suspects, one of whom posed as a UPS worker, are being sought by authorities.

Police say one of the four suspects came to the front door of the home two days before Thanksgiving, holding a package and dressed as a UPS worker. After the man said he required a signature for the package, the female homeowner opened the door. But moments later, the man at the door, along with three accomplices forced their way into the home. At that point, the woman’s husband, Lawrence Berry, yelled at his wife to take their two small children and hide.

While the woman hid in a closet with the kids, the suspects beat Berry with a bat and pistol and tased him multiple times. Berry said he was slipping in and out of consciousness and every time he would come to, they would continue to beat him until he was knocked out again.

Berry suffered severe injuries to his head and neck, had eight teeth broken and was left with staples in his head and stitches in his lip.

Police are searching for the suspects, but meanwhile, UPS issued a statement with a reminder that customers can always ask for an ID if there is ever any question about a worker. The company also noted that a signature will rarely be required unless a package was sent specifically with a request for a signature.

[ ABC 13 ]

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