Hickok45 is seeing double on this 1911 (VIDEO)

The Italian-made Arsenal AF2011A1 Dueller Prismatic has appeared in both the Bond and Resident Evil franchises and is now showing up in Tennessee.

Designed by Nicola Bandini, the Prismatic is the third variety of the gun and features ambi brake ports, 3.5-inch SUS416 stainless barrels, custom triggers and really nice G10 grips. As such, they are expensive guns (Hick says the one in the vid is like $7K) and of course cost twice as much to shoot as any other 1911.

It’s distinctive looking, and kinda weird– especially when you consider the spaghetti take on John Browning’s classic, but hey, your mileage may vary.

The field strip is neat, though.

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