Sheriff drops just about every profanity you can think of while defending the system (VIDEO)

Jefferson Parish, Louisiana Sheriff Newell Normand went on a heart-felt and sometimes profane rant defending the investigation into the fatal shooting of former NFL player Joe McKnight in New Orleans.

McKnight’s death has been the center of a controversy since Thursday when he was killed during an apparent road rage incident. The suspect in the shooting, 54-year-old Ronald Gasser, was released Friday but then arrested on Monday and charged with manslaughter.

Normand, defending the elected officials who stood by his office while his investigators worked overtime to “get to the end of this situation” from last week to this one, read from a list of NSFW social media comments that included enough salty language to make a sailor blush.

N-words? Yep

F-bombs? Oh, yeah.

Puppet boy? Uh huh.

Self-serving sonofabitch? For sure.

Rad-assed looking coon? Haven’t heard it before but it’s in there.

“And the tone of these go on, and on, and on, and on,” said Norman. “And all we asked for was for them to simply be able to do there job.”

Normand went on to explain that black community leaders, lawmakers and clergy stood by his side only to receive scorn.

“Shame on these folks,” Normand said. “Shame. We’re constantly talking and asking all of us to reach across the aisle, to embrace one another amongst the races, and when we do so, when we collectively stand together, this is what we call one another.”

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