The most realistic zombie apocalypse training in the nation (VIDEO)

Frank Jardim of Elizabethtown, Kentucky, is one of the most diehard zombie fan you’ll meet. He recalls watching the original zombie films by George A. Romero as a child and falling in love with the genre.

In 2011, he started fabricating life-size zombies in his living room using the films as inspiration. He sculpted grotesque faces out of papier-mâché, collected real human hair from barbershops for the heads and dressed the figures in worn-out, shabby clothes to give them a macabre feel. Most importantly, he devised an ingenious and robust mechanism in the head that allowed the zombies to fall with a headshot to the brain area.

Soon after, he created Zombie Shooters United. “It’s a new paradigm in three gun action shooting sports.” says Jardim. “The theme is zombie-apacolypse. What’s special about it is that the targetry is life-size, realistic-looking, reactive zombie targets that will only drop with a brain-shot.”

Since 2012, Zombie Shooters United have been organizing shoots all over the country. They have developed a loyal gang of die-hard shooters who attend every shoot. Many of them describe the scenarios as the best, most realistic training you can get.

The shoots are three gun format: rifle, pistol, shotgun. Often you’re shooting out of a moving vehicle or moving across terrain on foot towards the targets. You’re judged on time and kills. “The rules are simple so it’s not intimidating for new shooters.” says Jardim. “It brings a lot of people into the shooting sports that were fans of the genre but not necessitarly big into shooting.”

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