This guy is rocking his whole gun cabinet, because Canada (VIDEO)

Deadpedal, a Canadian YouTuber, assembled a 50-pound Swiss Army knife of guns using a lever action .45-70, a Tavor, and three shotguns. And somehow, they all work.

He says the NFA doesn’t apply as he is in the Great North, that he is all Canuck-legal and the list-o-gatts is as follows:

The center gun is a Derya Mk-10 AR-style shotgun (12 Gauge).
The ‘masterkey’ is a Wingmaster 870 (12 Gauge).
On the right hand side is a Marlin 1895 GS (.45-70)
On the left side is a UTS UTAS-15 (12 Gauge)
Topping off the gun is a IWI TAR-21 (5.56x45mm)

Who is going to be the first to comment: “Oh, Canada…”

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