Vickers lights it up with the rare SIG AMT rifle (VIDEO)

Larry Vickers has a very rarely encountered SIG 510-4, imported to the states as the AMT back in the day, and it is a beaut.

The Swiss have a firearms legacy that nobody really wants to poke a stick at. After all, they haven’t had to kick out an invader in 500 years even though they were geographically in the middle of both World Wars. Known in Alps as the Sturmgewehr 57 (Stgw 57), it was Switzerland’s main battle rifle for most of the Cold War.

When most of the world still used wooden stocks, the Swiss went with rubber-coated fore and buttstocks that were ribbed for your shooting pleasure. A very long rifle, it tipped the scales at nearly 13-pounds. Still, despite looking like stretched out taffy, it shoots like a laser and, while chambered in 7.55×55 GP11 in Switzerland, was sold abroad in good old 7.62x51mm NATO with a bit of success.

Over here we imported the semi-automatic only variant of the 510-4, with wooden furniture, as the American Match Target (AMT), which Vickers got his mitts on in the above video.

And he has a host of tweaks done to make it even more swag.

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