Lowe’s hired a vet… and his service dog (VIDEO)

A Lowe’s in Abilene, Texas, is getting a bit of attention after a customer snapped a photo of an employee – an Air Force veteran – along with his service dog.

Clay Luthy has had 10-year-old Charlotte since she was a puppy and when he recently started a job hunt, he was faced with a unique challenge.

“I was trying to figure out where I could go that would be a good fit and it wouldn’t mind having Charlotte, and my wife said I was at Lowe’s so much anyway, I might as well get a job there,” Luthy explained.

Jay Fellers, the human resources manager at Lowe’s, said Luthy was a perfect fit for the job and Charlotte was just an added benefit. Now, Charlotte, who dons her very own Lowe’s vest, works alongside Luthy at the home improvement store.

Luthy and Charlotte became somewhat of an internet sensation after customer Judy Dechert Rose took a photo of the duo and shared it on Facebook.

Luthy called the attention ridiculous – but in a good way.

“By the time I looked at it, there was 1,000 comments on it. Oh my gosh, it was ridiculous,” Luthy said. “I found a way to have a productive life and my prescription is four-legged.”

There’s now more than 13,000 comments and nearly 200,000 shares.

[ 12 News ]

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