Breaking out the 'Nosler chainsaw' to go Christmas tree hunting (VIDEO)

What happens when you combine 60 rounds of freedom with Christmas Tree hunting? Ever heard of a Nosler chainsaw?? #Team144 #Noslerchainsaw #GetsomeV Seven Weapons Leupold Optics Radian Weapons Western Powders

Posted by Team 144 on Sunday, December 4, 2016

Using a drum mag full of Freedom to bring in the old Christmas tree rather than some smoky imported European chainsaw just spells America.

Team 144 is three guys from Central Oregon– Ryan Fraker, Dan Conner and Kurt Solomon–who are really into 3 Gun, USPSA and long-range precision shooting.

Well, Dan went out with his Nosler chainsaw stoked with 77-grain competition rounds (he says he reloads, making it on the cheap side) and, outfitted with a Magpul D-60, proceeds to humanely harvest an evergreen.

O Tannenbaum.

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