Uruguay had a very weird 'kinda' Mauser (VIDEO)

While most of the countries in South America were buying shiny new Mausers for their military, cash-strapped Uruguay tried to make due with a French-made amalgam that was (mostly) a Mauser.

Beginning life as an 11mm blackpowder Mauser Model 1871, one Mr. Antonio Dovitiis in the 1890s took a lot of these guns and had them re-barreled in the French arsenal at St. Denis for the then very modern smokeless 6.5x 53.5mm Daudeteau cartridge.

To the new barrel was added fresh barrel bands, Mle.1886 Lebel style sights and a clearing (not cleaning) rod, creating a gun that is half German, half French, and all Uruguayan.

Ian at Forgotten Weapons has one of these rare “Dovitiis” Mausers to show off, along with a lot more back story.

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