Dana Loesch: Bureaucrats pushing lengthy waiting periods have 'blood on their hands'

Commentator Dana Loesch ripped into lengthy gun purchase waiting periods Thursday in a segment on NRATV.

On Wednesday, an appeals court in California upheld the state’s longstanding 10-day waiting period for gun purchases. Talking to host Grant Stinchfield, Loesch lambasted such “burdensome regulations.”

“It’s insane what you have to go through,” said Stinchfield.

“It’s supposed to be that way because they want to make it as prohibitive as possible to access and possess a firearm,” said Loesch. “What law proposed, what new law, what would this waiting period, what crime, what atrocity, what tragedy would it have prevented?”

Loesch said lengthy waiting periods can prohibit people from defending themselves. She cited a story out of New Jersey where a woman was stabbed to death in 2015 by her ex after waiting weeks to get a gun permit.

“She was murdered in her driveway while all the bureaucrats were processing her paperwork,” said Loesch. “That’s a life that this sort of bureaucracy has cost.”

“And those individuals that push this burdensome, penalizing…regulations on law abiding gun owners, they’re the ones, Grant, who have blood on their hands.”

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