Federal Premium Ammunition drops new Gold Medal Grand shot shells

The new Gold Medal Grand will be offered in 10 loads to suit a variety of shooter's needs. (Photo: Federal Premium Ammunition)

The new Gold Medal Grand will be offered in 10 loads to suit a variety of shooter’s needs. (Photo: Federal Premium Ammunition)

Federal Premium Ammunition offers shotgun shooters a new load in the Gold Medal shot shell lineup with the recently announced Gold Medal Grand.

Providing world-class competitive trap, skeet and sporting clay shooter with premium ammunition for decades, Federal Premium Ammunition is carrying on that tradition in the Grand line, scheduled to hit shelves in early 2017.

Specifically designed with stability and reliability in mind, the Grand variety of ammo is engineered with the SoftCell two-piece wad system. This design decreases perceived recoil while producing more even patterns than one-piece wad systems. In addition, a Rigid PrimerLock head gives the primer greater sensitivity. This ensures proper ignition despite light hits.

With improved shot hardness and reloadability, the Grand utilizes lead shots which are blended for density, resulting in more uniform patterns with maximum power downrange.

Gold Medal Grand will be available in 10 loads and will start shipping to dealers in January 2017. Gold Medal Grand will retail for $10.95 per box.

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