Tactical Solutions unveils new pistol, rifle for 2017

tlp-22 handgun

The TLP-22 by Tactical Solutions offers a lightweight barrel and frame for increased accuracy while shooting. (Photo: Tactical Solutions)

Idaho based Tactical Solutions announced the addition of a new pistol, the TLP-22, and a new rifle, TSAR-223, slated to hit dealer shelves in 2017.

Best known for rimfire firearms, conversations, suppressors and accessories, Tactical Solutions is dipping a toe in the waters of complete pistols with the new TLP-22.

At its core, the TLP-22 features an accurate, light-weight Trail-Lite barrel. The frame is made from billet aluminum, decreasing overall weight as well. The combination of the accurate, lightweight barrel balanced with a lightweight body aims to give shooters precision on the range.

The TSAR rifle

The TSAR .223 is the longer sibling to Tactical Solution’s SBR, the TSAR-300. (Photo: Tactical Solutions)

In addition to the TLP-22, the company is also offering consumers a new rifle chambered in .223. The TSAR-223 features much of the same technology as its sibling the  short-barreled TSAR-300, but without the ATF tax stamp.

Engineered with a permanently affixed shroud on a 12 inch barrel brings the overall length to 16.1 inches — just barely clearing the ATF’s 16 inch length requirement. The TSAR-223 can also be paired with a suppressor that fits inside the outer shroud and mounts onto the threaded barrel. The suppressor does need that $200 ATF tax stamp, though.

Both products will be available to consumers on Jan. 9.

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