Gun control group goes grisly for Christmas (VIDEO)

Betsy Riot, a radical anti-gun group that encourages attacks on firearms owners, doubled down on the gruesome for the Holidays by mailing lawmakers NSFW cards of gunshot victims.

In a video released Sunday, the group, which has claimed to have stolen several guns from lawful gun owners while encouraging “individual acts of gun culture sabotage or public disruption,” outlined their Christmas campaign.

According to the graphic video statement, replete with more traumatic images than a Eli Roth film, the group contends they found out the home addresses of, “768 gunlicking legislators, Congressional f_ckwits and industry death-eaters and sent them holiday greetings.”

As a rendition of Silent Night plays in the background, the video changes from sepia to sharp color to show an example of the mailed greeting card, which seems innocent at first, but contains two shocking photos of facial injuries and a written message slamming the NRA for “giving the gift of nonfatal gunshot woulds like these to 100,000 Americans per year.”

The card in the video is addressed to Austin, Texas-based Info Wars host Alex Jones.

At least one pro-gun Republican lawmaker, Texas state Rep. Jonathan Stickland, has reported receiving one of the Betsy Riot cards, posting images to his social media account over the weekend of a card identical to the one shown in the video.

“We just received this unmarked ‘Christmas Card’ to our home address,” wrote Stickland, who has proposed a constitutional carry bill for the Texas legislature next year. “Thank God my young children did not open it first. What kind of sick liberal would send such a thing? Disgusting.”

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