Elderly man shoots naked suspect breaking into this home (VIDEO)

A naked and disoriented man was shot three times while breaking into a house in Albuquerque last month and police say it wasn’t the nude man’s first encounter of the night.

The elderly homeowner said he and his wife were sleeping on November 23 when they were awakened by the someone entering through their window. The homeowner then grabbed his gun from a dresser and opened fire on the suspect, striking him three times in the neck and face.

When officers arrived on the scene, they found a bloodied, nude and confused man, who was later identified as Carlos Alberto Juarez.

Juarez told officers that he had been drinking but was unsure whether he had taken any drugs that night. In addition, Juarez did not know where he was when the officers arrived. Juarez was taken to the hospital where he received medical treatment for the gunshots as well as lacerations suffered while trying to break in through the window.

Juarez, who was the subject of a number of calls from the area that night, was charged with residential burglary and breaking and entering but was since released on bond.

[ KRQE ]

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