A look at the failed Crossfire rifle-shotgun combo (VIDEO)

โ€œThis gun kind of is an amalgamation of a whole bunch of bad ideas all at the same time,โ€ says Ian with Forgotten Weapons of the oddball combo gun.

The Crossfire Mark I (there was no Mark II) was originally a good idea on paper when introduced at the 1989 SHOT Show as a .308 rifle/12 ga. shotgun combo that could operate either semi-auto or pump action.

Fast forward and the gun that the La Grange, Georgia-based company put on the market nearly a decade later was an ergonomically bankrupt .223 Rem rifle/12 ga shotgun that was pump-action only. And it was crap.

Whereas German drillings have been popular overseas for years and here in the states we saw the success of the Stevens Model 22-410 and Savage Model 24/42 combo rifle/shotguns, they were all simple hinge break single-shot affairs. Crossfire went a bridge too far and tried to incorporate two separate detachable magazines and a pump action all into a gun that didnโ€™t quite work.

The Mark I was only ever put into limited production for a few years and Crossfire dropped out of the gun biz around 2001.

A good example of what could have been, followed up with what never was.

Ian: โ€œItโ€™s really obnoxious to shoot.โ€

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