Body cam footage released from fatal shooting of Georgia police officer (VIDEO)

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation released partial body cam footage Wednesday from an Americus police officer who was killed in the line of duty earlier this month while responding to a call about a domestic dispute.

Officer Nicholas Smarr responded to the 911 call December 7. As Smarr opened the front door of the home, the suspect, Minguell Lembrick, could be seen at the end of a long hallway standing in the threshold of the back door.

Almost immediately, Lembrick gave chase with Smarr not far behind him. The officer yelled at Minguell to stop and moments later, gunshots were heard and Smarr fell to the ground.

Smarr, as well as fellow officer and longtime friend Jody Smith, were killed by Lembrick, who eventually holed up in a hideout before fatally shooting himself as SWAT moved in.

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