Kansas businessman buys shooting victim $260K prosthetic hands (VIDEO)

A woman who lost both of her hands as the result of a shooting last year received the Christmas gift of a lifetime from a Kansas businessman and his wife: A $260,000 pair of electronic prosthetic hands.

Since the shooting, Julie Dombo has had to rely on her husband for nearly all of her needs, but now, thanks to her new hands, she has the ability to grasp objects, put on her own prosthetic legs, and use a cell phone.

Dombo was shot in the arm and chest during a robbery at an AT&T store in Derby last August. Her injuries led to secondary medical issues and in order to save her life, doctors removed part of Dombo’s arms and legs. Although the special prosthetics were available, they had a hefty price tag and Dombo’s insurance would not cover them.

In October, Dombo met Mark Holden, who was moved by her story. After the insurance company repeatedly denied paying for the prosthetics, Holden spoke with his wife and the couple decided they were going to help give Dombo as ordinary a life as possible.

Dombo cried when she saw the boxes this week containing the prosthetics, while Holden simply said, “Merry Christmas.”

The man responsible for Dombo’s injuries, 27-year-old James Michael Phillips, was convicted on several charges, including attempted first-degree murder, and was sentenced to three decades behind bars.

[ The Wichita Eagle ]

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