Not kidding: The $85 Hi-Point C9 'race gun' (VIDEO)

It may have started off as a beater in the local pawn shop, but this Ohio-bred 9mm Hi Point has been sharpened up to the stuff of legends.

Ok, well, maybe not legends, but it is pretty neat especially when you consider they used donated “American Pawn and Gun” ammo.

YouTube channel 704 Tactical relates that they picked up the C9 very well used– complete with surface rust and worn parts– at a North Carolina pawn shop for $85 bucks. Then came a complete disassembly and replacement of a host of parts with Hi-Point OE internals. Next, they stippled the grip, bead blasted the entire gun, sonic cleaned it and milled a pass along the slide top to install a Magpul rail for some $20 optics.

Hey, it puts holes in targets…

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