The .366 caliber Russian AK can make it rain fruit (VIDEO)

Chambered for the very fat Techkrim 9.55x39mm (.366 TKM) round, the Russian firm of Molot dropped a video of their VPO-209 doing battle with fruit somewhere on the frozen steppes.

Founded in 1940 to make the Shpagin PPSh submachine gun during the Great Patriotic War, Molot’s VEPR line is imported to the states but they offer a lot more that is not currently approved to ship– such as the 10-round VPO-209.

Firing a .366 caliber cartridge, it looks like an AK modded to fit a really big .300 Blackout, and really seems to do a number on dye packs, melons, and other random items from the Moscow produce section.

The video is in Russian, but the footage translates universally.

And can someone please talk to the State Department about importing all the homeless goodies like these from overseas to brand new forever homes here in the states?

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