SilencerCo delivers suppressed SBR'd CZ Scorpion (PHOTOS)

Just the thing for a quiet walk: a CZ EVO Scorpion SBR with a tubeless Omega 9K can (Photos: SilencerCo)

Just the thing for a quiet walk: a CZ EVO Scorpion SBR with a tubeless Omega 9K can is SilencerCo’s latest Summit Series offering (Photos: SilencerCo)

Utah-based SilencerCo has gone the extra mile to create a limited edition offering that includes an EVO S1 9mm that has been given the SBR treatment and sports an Omega 9K can.

The classic Skorpion machine pistol dates back to the Cold War and CZ redefined that .32ACP room broom into a polymer framed 9mm a couple years back with the semi-auto blowback-operated CZ-USA Scorpion EVO.

Last year, the Czech Republic-based company added to the line with the Scorpion EVO 3 S1 carbine, which sports a 16.2-inch barrel and is offered with a faux suppressor built specifically for CZ-USA by SilencerCo.

However, 16.2-inches can seem so long on an otherwise handy pistol caliber carbine so SilencerCo has come to the rescue and converted a limited run of 35 Scorpions to short barreled rifles, complete with side-folding stocks and an  Omega 9K suppressor (delivers 131.5 dB reduction on 9mm) with a direct thread 18×1 mount.

The up side? A 7.75-inch barrel with a folding stock and a suppressor. The downside? Two tax stamps.

Top it off with a set of Parker Mountain Machine front and rear QD sling mounts and a custom 5.11 sling pack to stuff the whole kit and it’s Czech mate.

MSRP through KF Armory is $1,760 and when you consider a stock non-SBR’d Scorpion carbine is $999 and an Omega 9K is $865 by itself, the thrill is on.

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