Gory Christmas cards backfire on radical gun grabbers

When all else fails, gun grabbers like to advance their agenda through good old-fashioned guilt-tripping and scare tactics. Interestingly enough, it’s always the innocent, conscientious, law-abiding citizens that they target in their assault.

Just in time for Christmas, The Betsy Riot, a group which describes itself as “a decentralized movement that nonviolently opposes gun culture,” sent out a gruesome Christmas card, displaying graphic photos of victims who were shot in the face.

The front of the card recounts Psalm 11:5: “The Lord tests the righteous and the wicked. And the one who loves violence His soul hates.”

The card also includes the following inscription:

“The NRA gives the gift of nonfatal gunshot wounds like these to 100,000 Americans per year. Your continued support of ‘guns everywhere’ legislation is directly responsible for this health epidemic. In your heart, do you honestly believe this is what Jesus wants? Shame on you for dishonoring Jesus Christ with your support of gun-pushing legislation.”

Prior to this, the group released a video stating that they located the residences of “768 gunlicking legislators, Congressional f_ckwits and industry death-eaters, and sent them holiday greetings.” The video was actually removed from YouTube for its graphic content.

While the card attempts to tear at the heartstrings of Christians, its effect is exactly the opposite.

Law-abiding gun owners keep guns for different reasons—some for sport, others for protection.

To be told that owning a gun equates to loving violence is insulting to any gun owner. Any true Christian can easily discern when the Bible is being manipulated to push an agenda, and this example does not require a whole lot of discernment. For those who aren’t even religious, the self-righteous “what would Jesus do” message of the inscription is a complete turnoff, especially when the same group uses the term “f_ckwits.”

Moreover, the grotesque images are an automatic turnoff to anyone who received this card or saw photos of it. People don’t want to see violent images on Christmas cards. Groups who help wounded veterans wouldn’t depict bloody injuries on their cards; they would show veterans in the healing process. Pro-life Christmas cards wouldn’t depict aborted babies; they would depict newborns whose mothers chose life. There’s a place for violent, “protest” images in any movement. Christmas cards is not one of them.

In the end, this card was nothing more than a thinly veiled threat to its recipients and gun owners as a whole. The thought of a psychotic organization like The Betsy Riot knowing your home address is likely to provoke fear in any recipient, and the macabre images in the card send a clear message to gun owners: you might just be the next to receive gunshots to the head.

That alone is enough to justify any sane person owning a gun for self-defense.

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