SilencerCo announces new additions to Saker, Omega lines (VIDEO)

Utah-based SilencerCo on Tuesday debuted some new entries to their 2017 suppressor lineup including a .45 offering to their Omega K series and a redesign of their Saker line.

As outlined in the above video, the Sakers will now come with the ASR (Active Spring Retention) mount standard instead of being an optional add-on accessory. As such, the Trifecta MAAD-mounted Sakers seem to be a thing of the past.

With the Saker ASR 556K running as short as 5.46-inches– and as low as $770 MSRP– these newly redesigned suppressors are designed to run with bolt-action, semi-auto, and full-auto firearms. On the heavy end of the Saker spectrum, the ASR 762 will accommodate up to .300 RUM.

The Omega line will now get the addition of a 45K player which SilencerCo terms the smallest, lightest, and quietest suppressor in its class. Full-auto capable, this 6.36-inch enquieter can run a variety of calibers including 9mm, .40 S&W, .45 ACP and .300 BLK with an MSRP of $865.

What we like about the video is the range of platforms that SilencerCo brought to the party (that suppressed Nagant wheel gun!). What we don’t like is the continuing trend by companies to overlay music over suppressors in action, though at least in this latest version it doesn’t seem too bad.

The bad news is that the popular Specwar series of cans is no more with all mention of them scrubbed from the company’s website. Originally designed by Henry Graham at SWR and marketed by SilencerCo in 2011 as one of their first offerings, Silencer Shop says the Specwar was one of their best-selling cans. While the line may be gone, it should be noted that the price point on the Saker is similar, at least when you are talking 7.62.

Add in the potential kiloton explosion that could be passage of the Hearing Protection Act, and 2017 could be the best year yet for suppressors.

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