Wayne LaPierre: NRA is Trump’s strongest ally (VIDEO)

With a little more than two weeks until inauguration day, NRA director Wayne LaPierre reminded viewers of his organization’s unwavering political support for Donald Trump on the campaign trail.

“While other groups and political leaders withheld their support, we stood proudly with Donald Trump. Because we saw through the media deception and recognized him for who he was: the most openly pro-Second Amendment presidential candidate in history,” said LaPierre in a video announcement Tuesday.

“As the campaign wore on, our courage was tested. The deceitful media mocked our endorsement,” said LaPierre, talking over B-roll that included a Bloomberg headline which read ‘NRA Buys Deck Chairs on Trump’s Titanic.’

The Oct. 13 editorial was a scathing review of LaPierre and his organization. “Like the Republican Party, the NRA desperately needs an influx of young people, blacks, Hispanics and Asians. It’s been trying to attract women for decades, with limited success. Now, it’s pouring millions of dollars and its valuable brand into Trump, who repels all of the above.”

“They tried to distract Americans from the core freedoms this election was all about,” said LaPierre in Tuesday’s video, addressing the media attacks. “But we never, ever wavered.”

The gun group definitely didn’t waver financially. The NRA went all in on Trump, spending more than $30 million to support him on the trail. Now that those bets have paid off, and with inauguration day on the horizon, LaPierre outlined the gun policy shifts that are atop his list.

“This is our historic moment to go on offense and restore American greatness,” he said. “And with your help, we can return law and order to our borders and inner cities, eliminate once and for all the absolute fallacy of gun-free zones, finally ensure every American’s right to carry a firearm in defense of their families and themselves doesn’t end at any state line, and put a pro-Second Amendment majority on the Supreme Court that will defend individual freedom for generations to come.”

“We are Donald Trump’s strongest, most unflinching ally…the powerful partner he needs to get things done on behalf of American freedom. Join our ranks. Donate to our cause. And together, we will truly make America great again,” said LaPierre.

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