Arion’s new suppressor gains attention with compact, ported design

The Compact Ported Suppressor by Arion, LLC aims to give concealed carriers and pistol shooters a lightweight suppressor option. (Photo: Arion, LLC)

Arion is working alongside holster maker Blade-Tech to produce a holster for the can that “will work with all pistols,” according to a press release. (Photo: Arion, LLC)

Arion, LLC dropped an innovative, new can called the Compact Ported Suppressor designed for pistols chambered in .22 all the way to .45.

The blockish aluminum device is a tiny 3.5 inches by 2.2 inches and weighs just 11.8 ounces. The CPS threads directly onto the pistol’s barrel but comes equipped with a unique quick release system. The innovation doesn’t stop there.

Constructed to direct exiting gases down into internal baffles and out the front port, the can has the added benefit of reducing recoil. The short extension paired with reduced felt recoil offers shooters better accuracy.

In an effort to tackle reliability of suppressed pistols, the CPS incorporates a booster piston. This device ensures proper cycling with every trigger pull.

Arion offers a look inside their innovative design. (Photo: Arion, LLC)

Arion offers a look inside the Compact Ported Suppressor. (Photo: Arion, LLC)

The CPS is only available in black nickel coating at the moment, but consumers do have the option to have their can custom engraved. Though the base price of $1499 will fluctuate based on this add-on, the company offers free quotes for the engraving service. For shooters who crave color, the Oregon-based company says the CPS will be offered in a bevy of palettes after the special run of 1,000 black units is complete.

Before slapping down green for the new can, it’s important to note that silencers do fall under the National Firearms Act and therefore require a $200 tax stamp from the ATF prior to ownership.

A low-profile means shooters don’t have to invest in suppressor height sights. The CPS works with stock pistol sights. (Photo: Arion, LLC)

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